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Maestro Mark Stasinos

Maestro Mark Stasinos has been fencing for over 40 years. He began fencing in his home city of Los Angeles, CA and has fenced all over the world. Mark studied under both Michael D'Asaro Senior and Ralph Faulkner.  He earned his Master's title in Switzerland. He is former Vice President of the USFA, former Vice Chair of the US Fencing Officials Committee and among the top referees in the world.

Mark taught at Brigham Young University for over a decade and has been coaching in Utah Valley for over 30 years.  He was the Utah S Idaho Division Chair for many years and helped develop programs all over the states of Utah, Idaho, and Alaska. He is currently a Referee trainer for US Fencing and served as the Head Referee for the 2019 Summer National Championships in Ohio.   He serves as the current Utah/Idaho Division Chair and the Head Referee for the NCAA Championships.

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