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Club Membership & Class Plans

Club Membership - Please read all of the following

Once you have completed a Beginning Trial Membership, you are ready to become a Valkyrie Club Member and sign up for weekly classes and practices.

Club membership gives you access to class & practice sessions.

Monthly Practice/Class Sessions  $130/beginning, $120/month (auto billed), $60/month Little Lightsabers.

All Club Members over 7 MUST be USAFencing ACCESS/Competitive Members as well.

Please go to and register as a member. 

Class Sessions are organized, with Safesport/USA Fencing Certified Instructors.  All Teachers are background checked.  All Teachers are nationally rated referees and Nationally or Internationally competitive athletes. Classes are 100 minutes long.

Each class includes;

  • warm up (footwork, games, etc.)

  • stretches

  • Session Focus (See below)

  • application (bouts in rotation, team, pool or one on one by assignment)


Classes focus on 1 of 7 principles per session;

Physical Training - Conditioning & Endurance

Technical - Drills that focus on excellence in technique

Mental -  athlete's ability to cope with challenge

Tactical -  building offensive/defensive conversations with opponents

Performance - Simulates tournament environments for athlete analysis

Team Building - Lessons that promote camaraderie and trust between teammates

Situational-  focus on unique but critical scenarios 

Equipment is available for use to all Valkyrie Club members.  However, we greatly encourage the purchase of personal equipment for best fit and safety.  Equipment is available for purchase at Valkyrie Fencing Club.

Athletes rated E and Above who hold a current competitive USA Fencing Membership can attend the bouting only session from 8:00 - 9:30 pm Tues - Friday for $20/session. 


You must have your own electric gear. 

You may not use club equipment if you are not a Valkyrie Club member.

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