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When Equipment Breaks

Nothing lasts forever including fencing equipment.  Its important to start with the right stuff, but maintaining it is definitely a skill.  You need proper expectations for costs of replacement and repair.

Do it yourself

Valkyrie Fencing Club will rewire your weapon for you for $15.00.  That's $5 for basic parts and $10 for the labor.  But we are totally happy if you learn how to do it yourself!  Here's how.

Armory services can be purchased through our member App.  Download Glofox from either the Iphone App store or from Google Play to have instant access to all our our classes, memberships and more! Choose Valkyrie Fencing Club when you are prompted to select a studio.


WEAPON REWIRE $10 + Cost of Parts

BODYCORD FIX $5.00/line

(cost of parts if needed)

Tip Repair $5.00 ( + parts cost)

Competition Weapons check $5.00

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