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Valkyrie Skills & Progression Ladder

We introduce our clients to fencing with our Beginning  Membership.  That membership gives 4 weeks of participation for any of our sessions Tuesday through Friday (2x/week).

We want athletes to  accomplish 4 of the 5 Skills & Progression Goals (left) for Novice Level Mastery.   Once athletes complete our Beginning Membership they are invited to become Regular Club Members 
 and continue  to move through our Progression Ladder and eventually achieve Elite Status.  Elite Athletes are prepared to compete on the Regional and National level with USA Fencing

Equipment is provided for use while learning in the Beginning Fencing class and while you are working on acquiring your own personal gear.  We can guide you in purchasing quality, economical equipment and fit you with the perfect kit right at the club.

All of our COACHES and staff are experienced, certified, knowledgeable professionals who have been background screened through Safesport and USA Fencing. 

Our goal is to help you discover your best you through the greatest sport in the world!  SIGN UP NOW!
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