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Coach Casey Chandler


has been teaching fencing for over 20 years.  He began his love of fencing at Ricks college in the early 90s . 

While serving on board the USS Carl Vinson, he started his first fencing club. With a hand full of sailors, they competed in Central California and Northern Utah.


Coach Casey studied with  Halberstadt Fencing Club in San Francisco, California.  While fencing at Halberstadt, he served as an assistant saber coach with the Cal Berkley Fencing Club.  In 1994, following his departure from active duty with the US Navy, he began training with Atlanta Fencers Club and well known fencing master, Gene Gettler.   In 1997, Coach Casey founded Tennessee's Dickson Fencing Academy (DFA) which produced several national and regional athletes.

Now that Coach Casey and his family are in Utah, he is pleased that his youngest daughter, Darci, is following in his footsteps and studying his lifetime passion, fencing.

"I absolutely love explaining the how's and why's of techniques. I find a great deal of happiness when I see new fencers' enthusiasm, as they score their first point.  I've never felt more at home and with such good friends as I do at Valkyrie Fencing Club. It took me 30 years to find a fencing home; it was worth the wait."

Coach Casey is an amazing  teacher and excels at making the discipline of fencing both exciting and fun.  Valkyrie Fencing Club is pleased to have him with us!

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