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The American Master's Cup 2021


Entries must be 40 years of age before January 1, 2021.

Vet Combined Events for all three weapons/plus age categories.

Overall AND Age Group medals.

After-event Gala and Cash Bar, 2 day Fitcon participant ticket.

The American Masters Cup is presented as a part of FitCon 2020, in the Salt Palace. All athletes will of course receive entry and full 2 day passes for FitCon. ($30 value). Fitcon presents fitness gurus, tech demos, fitness activities, celebrities, products, events and nutritional education. Past events include fencing, sumo wrestling, roller derby, boxing, long sword combat, ninja obstacle course, ultimate fighting, tai-kwan-do, free style skateboarding, aerial acrobatics and more!  Non-Athlete guests can purchase a discount ticket through at using the code FENCING


























Vet Combined Men's Foil Friday 3:00 pm
Vet Combined Woman's Saber Friday 4:00 pm
Vet Combined Men's Epee Saturday 10:00 am
Vet Combined Women's Foil Saturday 10:00 am
Vet Combined Men's Saber Saturday 1:00 pm
Vet Combined Women's Epee Saturday 1:00 pm

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