What is “Membership” at Valkyrie Fencing Club and how is it different from courses or classes?


"Membership" is a recurring payment each month which allows an athlete access to our scheduled classes.  Each session counts as one “credit”.  A basic membership allows an athlete to 4 training sessions/month. Each time an athlete attends a session, they use 1 credit for the month.  Athletes can use their credits once a week or as many times in a week as they would like for as long as they have purchased credits. A competitive membership allows 8 credits per month.  An “all access” membership gives an athlete 16 credits or enough credits to attend every day of the week.


"Courses" are beginning classes that have a start date and end date.  They do not require a membership but they do require an account with Glofox. 


What is Glofox and why do we have to use it?


Glofox is our payment platform and membership app provider.  Once you create an account, enter your information and payment method, you don’t have to do it again.  You can purchase other memberships for family members, or courses, or concessions, or equipment. You will also have access to our calendar and news blogs.  Glofox also allows the club to communicate directly with clients by phone or email and provides a way to send out club wide announcements. It is available on Google Play or in the App store.


What is the difference between a USA Fencing Membership and a Valkyrie Membership?


A Valkyrie Membership is specifically for your participation here at the club.  However, a USAFencing membership is required as well. A Non-competitive USA Fencing membership is your insurance inclusion under our club policy and is only $10.00.  A Competitive USA Fencing membership is required for all athletes wishing to compete in USA Sanctioned events including local, regional and national level competitions.  You can purchase either at www.usafencing.org but you must purchase one.  Both memberships are due annually in August.


What equipment do I need and how fast do I need it?  How much is it?


In short you need:

  • Mask

  • Weapon X 2

  • Bodycord X 2

  • Jacket

  • Pants

  • Scoring vest or jacket

  • Underarm protector

  • Mask wires X 2

  • Bag (optional but very helpful)

  • Shoes (optional but helpful)


Average price of equipment is about (but not exactly) $500.00 give or take due to personal needs and preferences.  You need it ASAP. But Valkyrie understands that USAmembership, Valkyrie membership and equipment all adds up. We will lend you equipment but you need to be actively working to purchase your own things.  You will fence better with personal items. Our loaner equipment is also not perfectly functional since it is use a lot. Better to get everything you need as soon as you can and make your time in fencing 100% fun.  Go to the “store” in your Glofox app and purchase items from there. Then come in and pick them up. Its that simple! We will make sure that they fit, are the right type, and are safety guaranteed.


What about competition?


There are levels of competitive opportunities available to you.


  • Local- Valkyrie Fencing Club presents a tournament a week on Thursdays.  Each week of the month will provide a different kind of competition: Open foil, Y12 Foil, Open Saber etc. Occasionally there may be a competition in another city in Utah that might provide a good opportunity for growth.  Those competitions are posted on www.askfred.net

  • Regional- These competitions are referred to as SYCs, SJCCs, RYCs or RJCCs (regional youth or super youth or regional junior cadets, etc).  These competitions require full personal gear and a competitive usa fencing membership. You must register and pay for them ahead of time on usafencing.org/events

  • National- These competitions are known as NACs or North American Cups.  They are usually in other states but sometimes when we are lucky, they are here.  We will definitely keep you posted! Athletes attending these competitions must pay a registration fee and event fee ($95 each) to USA Fencing.  Athletes must provide their own accommodations and airfare/ travel. When more than a few athletes go to these events together, we provide a coach for assistance, support and advocacy.  The coach will not be at every bout but endeavors to be at the important ones. Athletes going to these events will chip in to help pay for the coach to attend.  

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