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Fencing equipment is a bit of an investment at first.  Your expected budget should be around $500 for everything you need to compete.  That's not bad at all considering your initial costs for football, cheer-leading, dance or any musical instrument!


  Fencing gear is important for safety and for that reason you need to have an expert help you personally buy what you need.  Make sure it fits and make sure its compatible with modern fencing tournament requirements.  Often these aspects are not addressed when ordering from places like Amazon or eBay. 


Fencing equipment does have a lifespan and you should remember that it will have to be maintained and sometimes replaced. We will help you get the right stuff for your personal needs.  Download our Glofox member app  (Apple store or Google Play)  to have access to all of our in store equipment.  Buy equipment right from your phone on your club App (Glofox) and we'll have it ready for you at the next practice.  Come in and try it on and make sure it fits just right before you pay.  Send us an email for answers to questions you might have or best of all, come in and let us get it perfect for you.

The life of most fencing gear is about one year.  But often foil blades are between 3 and 9 months depending on how expensive the blade is.  Blades (not the whole weapon) range anywhere from $35-$125.  An athlete must have at least two competition weapons.  Points last a bit longer and grips last for years.  A scoring vest will typically last for one season and should be thought of as an annual investment.  Masks usually last two or three seasons and can range in cost from $60 - $200.