Justin D Tausig


I am pleased to present Dr Justin Tausig, sports psychologist and sports performance specialist on Thursday, December 5th at 7:00 pm at Valkyrie Fencing Club.  This is a special session specifically for the parents and athletes of Valkyrie Fencing.  Dr Tausig will speak to us about handling and management of competitive performance and associated distractions that sometimes hamper our success.  This is a fantastic opportunity to learn how world class athletes and Olympic medalists focus their hard work into satisfaction and results! This kind of information is useful in just about every avenue even beyond sports.  You are invited with your family to attend. Please limit children attendance to kids over 5 years old. Individual tickets are $5.00. 


Justin started fencing in 1983 and has been competing since 1986. He trained in Paris at the Racing Club de France from 1993 to 2004 at a time when US fencing wasn’t strong internationally. While there he qualified for 5 World Championship Teams, the Pan-American Games, World University Games and won medals at World Cups both individually and with the US Team.

He was #1 in the US 4 times, including at the end of the 2001-2002 season. He is a USA Fencing Hall of Famer and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from him!


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